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Sand Gold Glazed Ceramic Mug

Sand Gold Glazed Ceramic Mug

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 Sand gold glazed ceramic Mug

Designed for Kung Fu tea ceremonies and individual tea sessions. The cup features a unique and beautiful sand gold glaze, with subtle changes in color and texture due to the kiln firing process.

The small size of the cup, with a capacity of approximately 30ml, is perfect for tasting and savoring the flavors and aromas of your favorite teas. The ceramic material helps to maintain the temperature of the tea, allowing you to fully appreciate its subtle nuances.

The cup's design also includes a handle, making it easy to hold and pour. Its small size and beautiful appearance make it a great addition to any tea lover's collection and perfect for solo tea sessions.

The kiln change sand gold glaze gives the cup a unique and rustic appearance, making it a great conversation piece at tea parties or as a decorative item in your home. It's also a great gift option for tea enthusiasts who appreciate beautiful and unique drinkware.

Overall, this kiln change sand gold glazed ceramic tasting cup is a stylish and functional option for anyone who appreciates the art of tea drinking. Its small size, beautiful appearance, and durable construction make it a great addition to any home or tea collection.


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